Candidate Info

The Advice sector helps millions of people every year, it continually strives to adapt and change to deliver the best service possible. To do this we need
bright individuals who have the skills to make a difference. Are you looking for a new start, a different career path? Do you want to work in a challenging
environment? Do you want to use your existing skills to help change people’s lives?
A career in the advice sector could be for you!x

The best way to get a taste of the advice sector is to volunteer! There are many opportunities across the sector. Many volunteering opportunities are
advertised throughout the country on Jobs in Advice but you will also see opportunities in the local press and on local radio. Volunteering in an advice
centre is fun and rewarding and you will learn a great deal.
Let us know where you are based and we might be able to put you in touch with AdviceUK members in your area, to enquire about voluntary placements.

Career changes
Whilst many people do start off by volunteering, it is by no means the only route into the sector. Advice centres help people on a wide range of issues
from debt and money advice to immigration, housing, health and more. Advice agencies often need new staff with particular knowledge. Many people
move into the advice sector to put to use the skills they have learnt in the law, finance or immigration to help others.

Starting your career?
Whether you are a graduate, a school leaver or somebody entering the workforce for the first time, the advice sector makes for a fascinating career
that really inspires passion in the people who work in it. Jobs in Advice features jobs as trainee advisers, receptionists and more.

Advice centres should provide support and training for both volunteers and paid staff. This is frequently supported by nationally recognised
qualifications such as City and Guilds and NVQs.

What sort of jobs are there in the advice sector?
There are a large number of jobs in advice agencies from receptionists to centre managers. Advice centres need trustees like any other agency and
this is a vital and fascinating challenge you might want to consider. Of course most jobs in the sector are as advisers and case workers. You will find
advice centres in every corner of the land and the size of organisation can vary enormously so you find the right role for you.

What are the main areas of advice?
There are as many types of advice as there are challenges that people face in their day to day lives. Some of the more common areas of advice are:

  • Generalist advice
  • Debt and money management
  • Law
  • Immigration
  • Community groups