Advertising Fees

If you are a charity you will not have to pay VAT on job advertising. However, we need you to fill in this form and send it to to be eligible for the exemption. You will only need to fill this form in once when you post your first job! If you are a recruitment agency or third party company placing a job for a client you will have to pay the “non-members (everyone else)” rate, even if your client is a charity.

AdviceUK Members.

1 ad: £40 Pack of 10: £320

Non-members (charities)

1 ad: £60 Pack of 10: £480

Non-members (everyone else)

1 ad: £75 Pack of 10: £600

If you would like to buy a pack of 10 adverts and save money, please contact us on Please note the 10 ad bundle must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase.

Coming soon, advertise jobs on the new AdviceUK main website.